Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Okay, this is a personal story I want to share; it was actually a dream - a really bad dream or nightmare I just had last night and I am serious.
It was really creepy and I could remember it vividly; or at least until this morning.
Now, I still have the vague flashes of it and I am trying to tell it to the best I could based on my memory.

To the story....
I was actually with this bunch of close friends from my GPTW; okay, I can remember a few of them but I wouldn't mention their names here.
We were travelling to this particular small town or island I think which had a small village. It was rather cold there; coz I remembered most of us were in jackets and we were picking up logs and everything.
Then we met this family who had a hut near ours and we said hi to them.
Somehow me and another 2 guys were not too comfortable with the place and also the weird family and urged the others to cut the trip short while they laughed us off.

Then I couldn't remember what happened but we were out of the hut and when we got back, we couldn't find most of our friends except a few and we noticed they were kinda pale and looking zoned out. In fact, they even had bites on her neck...obviously made by vampires.

The three of us ( the skeptics) ran out of the hut and was trying to get help. We saw the weird couple trying to hunt us down; and we ran and hide. We looked around and wanted to reach out to the townsfolk for help when we realized there weren't a lot of people around and one or two that we saw, look zombie-like as well.

It was really scary and it became worse when we suddenly realize another of my friend was missing and the skies turned dark....and then, poof, my alarm clock woke me up! Thank God!!!