Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Queer Queer Dream

I debated for a while on which blog to post on this and I've decided that this is the blog for it, for the following reasons:
1. It happened at night, while I was asleep (obviously!)
2. It's really queer with a scary twist as well which just fits the notion of this blog perfectly!

I was not feeling very well yesterday and decided to tuck in early.
I hit the sack at about 9.30-10pm and knocked off immediately.

I awoke somewhere in the middle of the wee hours of the morning to hear the sounds of rumbling thunder and then the heavy downpour of the rain almost after and sleepily went back to sleep.

I think it was somewhere near the morning (about 4am) when I had this long and queer dream which never seem to end.
In it was a dream where I saw a few of my friends and people around me, who were 'possessed'!
They seemed to be at it; one after another immediately after each one recovered!

Oh my, I could barely remember but I remembered feeling so freaked when I was confronted by my own friends who seemed demonic when they stared at me!
I was praying so hard; Our Fathers, Hail Marys, and Glory Be's when I saw their eyes which were just so freaky.

Some just went berserk and tried to lung at me, and some were just so hard to hold back
(I had friends around me who tried holding them back as well)

The dream went on, with me praying and feeling anxious

Then I awoke suddenly at 5.30am, my usual time but as I was a little groggy, I sank my head back into the pillow and dozed off again

Guess what, the dream continued and it took on new people
I was still the one running one after another
Those freaky people who tried to chase after me

And I remembered trying to shut them out by running into those rooms
But they were telling me that as long as there's holes or space underneath the doors which they can creep in (spiritually), I can't get away

I kept praying and praying
Then I managed to wig my eyes open and I awoke to 7am, birds chirping outside

I realized with horror that it was a nightmare
I woke up, said a quick prayer and made my way to the washroom (that's what grandma and mum used to say, if you've had a really bad dream/nightmare, go to the washroom to spit or get it out)

It was really terrifying and I still felt tremors
I prayed to God and calmed myself down

I will share the interpretation of the dream later on
In the meantime, I pray to God for strength and his guidance
to deliver me from all evil

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Knock! Knock!

You were sleeping (or maybe not) in your room at night, or in the middle of the night and suddenly, you hear
maybe a third KNOCK!

(Number doesn't matter now, as long as you hear a knock)

What do you do?
Will you open the door?

To open the door or not to Open, that is the QUESTION!

This was inspired by a friend (a blog follower) who recently shared a story with me.
It got me doing a quick check and research on this topic; which was not too easy as there were not too many sources sharing on these superstitions.
The following are the theories:

1. According to the friend's elders, when someone knocks on the door, we should ask
"Who is it? Who are you looking for?"
If there is no answer, do not answer/open the door.
If you have to open the door, do not stand directly at the door, stand sideways

2. My own elders told me, if someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night, it is usually not advisable to open the door (of course, unless it's your own family but they wouldn't knock at that time anyway, right?)
Just stay put and pray, and it will go away

These are the two main and common theories from my interviews with various people.

However, my research soon brought me to more interesting theories on door knocks, or knocks in general and superstitions around the world:
1. When you hear knocks (3 times) on the door and no one is there, it usually means that someone in the house is about to meet their death soon.
This superstition is known as The Three Knocks of Death
Source: Victorian Funeral Customs

2. A Filipino shared his tale on how he heard a knock at night (late at night) and his own father's voice calling him 3 times, each time with a higher sense of urgency and the 3rd time, with anger.
Trusting his instinct, he proved to be right when he ignored the knocks that night
He related his tale to his grandfather, who told him the following words:
"grandchild, do not answer, do not look. That's the way it is, child.":)
Source: Your Ghost Stories

3. Knocking three times on a wood can ward off evil spirits
This practice sort of originated from Romans, there are sources which say it is Celtic too.
In Celtic belief, the tree is always a sacred symbol. Therefore, knocking on wood/tree itself is a form of seeking the Gods for guidance or assistance.
That's why, we always yell "Touch Wood!" when we say/hear something inauspicious!

In general, I would also advise to just ignore
As most would say, spirits will not come unless invited
When there is a knock, and you are in doubt
Pray to God (whichever religion you belong to)

Usually doubts are inner voices which tells you something is wrong
Of course, don't be overly superstitious that you start to ignore knocks from your parents and siblings even in broad daylight!