Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camping Stories: 1, 2, 3...What do you See?

The same camping ground in Rawang seems to be breeding most of the stories I have heard about campsite. Most of my friends, regardless of race and religion, seems to think that this site is really haunted.

I can't really blame them anyway; after all, they have heard countless stories passed down from their seniors or their own troops; and some even had personal experiences/encounters which left them converted to a believer from then on.

Now this guy who told me the story was not really a skeptic; nor was he a believer but he could not figure out what happen then either.

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(Image taken from web; not a real depiction of actual location)
There was this area in the forest where there is a staircase leading to the top; probably to the site of the waterfall (that is the area most likely to spawn a stairway, right?)
As he climbed the stairs, he started counting the number of the steps.
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He counted, "1, 2, 3......." aloud all the way.

When he reached the top, he saw a very very bright light...and the rest was history.

Why history?
He could not recall what happened after that.
He only remembered counting all the way to 7 or was it 49...and then his memory just blacked out
There was no trace of what happened at that time

Some said they found him resting at the foot of the stairs which meant he never climb the staircase
Some said he came back on his own and mumbled some numbers...

What really happened?
Nobody knows; not even he himself

What is wrong with the counting which caused this?
Is it a taboo to count the steps in the forest; or in that particular forest where something probably happened before then?

What is the mystery?

Camping Stories: The Doppelganger

The forest is indeed a mythical place; home to the flora and fauna and also the source of many myths, legends, and amazing stories waiting to be told.

It is a sacred place to be honored and respected; and I have shared the Do's and Don'ts in the forest to avoid any misconduct of behavior which could land us in trouble when we are there.

As a sequel, I would like to share some stories from the camp which I have heard from some of my friends who are great fans of camping and most of these happened during the school days......those good old days...
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This story happened in one of the camping grounds near Rawang; a place which was pretty popular among the scouts in my school.
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They were all camping as usual on the site; and then split into groups for activities.
One of them led the group; and then they started on their task and trekked through the forest.
It was some time, and they were panting from the strenous journey.
Their leader was far ahead of them and they were trying their best to catch up.

They then saw their leader on the opposite of the river and scratched their heads as they thought he was right ahead of them.
They saw him; and was surprised how he managed to get to the other side so soon. As they tried to catch up, they bumped into their leader who was staring at them at the front of the line.

They were once again surprised, they just saw him across the river, how did he get back to this side of the river so soon?
As they threw him the question, he puzzled them further with his answer
"I was all the while here; I never got to the other side of the river. Besides, it is still a long way to find the way to cross the river. From here to the opposite side, it is almost impossible to even wade across, so how could I possibly be there when you saw me?"

Thinking it was probably an illusion, they didn't say anything although each had an uneasy feeling at that time.

On a separate occasion, another girl scout is involved this time.
They have woken up from their sleep the previous night and went down to the river to freshen themselves up and to enjoy the feeling of cool water on their faces.
As they made their way down to the bank, they noticed one of the girls was already there and she had her back towards them but they could make out her size and outfit.
They called her loudly and jokingly, they reprimanded her for coming out alone so early and did not even invite them.
There was no reply from her and as they were busy cleaning themselves up, they ignored her.
When everyone was done cleansing themselves, they noticed that the girl was gone and was surprised, how could she leave so quickly and so silently; under everyone's noses?
She had to somehow make it through them to get back to the campsite.
They felt that it was really odd; and made their way back to the site to check on her.

As they approached the campsite, they saw her getting out of the tent and marching towards her, they reprimanded her once again
"Hey, so arrogant ar you, down by the river. You've already gone on your own and don't even invite us, and then when we called you, you didn't even bother to acknowledge us. Then you just came back here on your did you manage to do it without anyone of us noticing you ar?"

The girl looked genuinely puzzled and her answer freaked them out, "I just woke up from my sleep, I thought I was late this morning. I have not even gone down to the river, I just came out of the tent. How could it be you guys saw me down at the stream then?"

The group was seriously freaked and all could have sworn that they saw her; just like how the other group saw the guy across the river.

What is the explanation behind this?
Is there a doppelganger at work; and how did they attract a doppelganger?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do's and DON'Ts in a Forest

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I'm sure most of us have gone camping at one point or another (especially those who are into adventures).
Yours truly is never a big fan of staying out there in the wild; not because of the spooks but more of hygiene and lots of other reasons which I can't point here (just call me a brat).

Most of those who have been a boy scout/girl guide, camping is a norm and practically part of their routine.

How many of us have not been to a forest before anyway? Perhaps the younger generation who are too engrossed with the technology playing in their eyes are the only exception?
How many, even frequent campers truly know the rules of the forest grounds?

True, the forest is the land of the beautiful flora and fauna and the natural habitats for the creatures of the wild; born free and living free.

However, have you heard of the divine living among the creatures and the lush greeneries of the forest?

For centuries, there are stories passed down from generation to generation; especially by our forefathers who have seen it all during their days of exploring the forests.
There are countless experiences and encounters in the forest which they have shared; are they true or not?
I leave it to you to judge, however, I have done my little research and found that most of the stories have been shared by our Malay counterparts, who are mostly forest rangers and hikers back then.

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Besides, I have also compiled the beliefs and superstitions from other races; and in general to share with you on a simple guide on the Do's and Don'ts in the Forest:

1. Do NOT Whistle in the forest
It is believed that your whistling could attract the ghosts or even wild beasts (man-eating ones) and either way, it is not a favorable return to you.

2. Do NOT Shout/Yell/Scream/Wail or talk in LOUD voices
You will be attracting various forms of creatures; genies, jembalang (devil), and again wild beasts
Furthermore, if your cries are heard by the devil, you are more prone to get lost in the forest.

3. Do NOT Sleep on the Trees
You will be setting a trap for yourself; it will be hard to escape the clutches of the devil if you were found on the trees. There are various forms of the beings; and some are the flying ones. If you sleep on the trees, you could be offending the genies or incur the wrath of the host.

4. If you are going hunting, do not get astray from your friends/group
You can risk getting lost, and also at the same time, you may be misled by the illusions and could end up killing your own friends through the divine transformations of the beings.

5. Do NOT sleep by the river if you have lost your way
This is a Malay belief that you can be eaten by the ghost that dwells in that area or the one responsible to elude you to that path.

6. If you hear your name being called, do not Answer or Turn Back
This is a popular belief among everyone. It is best not to answer as it could be the call of the other being to lure you into their trap.
Chinese believe that you should not even turn your head to look behind you; as a human being has the guidance of the three lights on their head and shoulders which the ghosts are afraid of.
Therefore, they will resort to tricks to put out the light.
No matter what happens, don't turn your head around. If you have to, make sure your whole body turns around with you.

7. Do NOT call people by their Real Names
Make an agreement with your friends to give each other nicknames in the forest at the beginning of the trip. This is related to Rule 6; avoid being called by your real name ensures that your soul is not fully taken by the devil when you are called.
If your friend calls you by your name, do not answer.
This is to ensure your safety not just in the forest. When your real name is known, the ghost may hunt you all the way even back at home.

8. Do NOT pick up things in the forest for keeps
The phrase "Finders' Keepers" definitely do not apply here! No matter how tempting it is, do not simply pick up things unless it's your own and keep it for yourself. Those things could belong to someone else; or something else.

9. Do NOT make any comments/remarks if you were to see anything queer in the forest
If you smell something funny or heard any noise, just keep quiet about it and don't make passing remarks such as "What's that smell?", Why is it so noisy here?
These could incur the wrath of the other beings living there.

10. Do NOT be arrogant
Do NOT make statements such as "I will never get lost", "I know the forest much better than anyone else"
Such statements could lead to unexplainable events which pursue; and you could find yourself getting lost (no matter how expert you were)
These could be the work of the genies or the spirits in the forest.

11. Do NOT pee/do your business everywhere
If you have an urge to take that nature's call, try looking for a loo. If you have no choice, do ask for permission and say "Excuse me"
It's best if you were to go to a loo, for it is dirty to pollute the environment (for nature's sake) and you could offend some of the spirits who live there if you were to accidentally/fatefully dirty their living place.

12. Do NOT make too much noise in the forest
Too merry of an environment not just disturb the animals; but also the spirits who may not welcome such impolite behavior in their residence.

13. I don't think this needs to be told; for it is common sense NOT to sleep on a walkway or a path
The paths we use to walk are also the same paths used by the spirits. I don't need to tell you what happens when we walk another's path?

14. Do NOT bring meat/pork into the forest
I've heard of this from a friend. It is dangerous to cook meat in the forest; you could be luring a beast to your campsite, or those hungry pontianaks.

15. Do NOT sing in the forest
Same as do not make noise

Anything else from campers out there?

Whether to believe it or not, it's entirely up to you.
However, it is no harm to keep these guidelines in mind when you are at the forest anyway, right?
You don't have to pay a cent to be extra careful...

Enjoy your camping!