Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camping Stories: 1, 2, 3...What do you See?

The same camping ground in Rawang seems to be breeding most of the stories I have heard about campsite. Most of my friends, regardless of race and religion, seems to think that this site is really haunted.

I can't really blame them anyway; after all, they have heard countless stories passed down from their seniors or their own troops; and some even had personal experiences/encounters which left them converted to a believer from then on.

Now this guy who told me the story was not really a skeptic; nor was he a believer but he could not figure out what happen then either.

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(Image taken from web; not a real depiction of actual location)
There was this area in the forest where there is a staircase leading to the top; probably to the site of the waterfall (that is the area most likely to spawn a stairway, right?)
As he climbed the stairs, he started counting the number of the steps.
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He counted, "1, 2, 3......." aloud all the way.

When he reached the top, he saw a very very bright light...and the rest was history.

Why history?
He could not recall what happened after that.
He only remembered counting all the way to 7 or was it 49...and then his memory just blacked out
There was no trace of what happened at that time

Some said they found him resting at the foot of the stairs which meant he never climb the staircase
Some said he came back on his own and mumbled some numbers...

What really happened?
Nobody knows; not even he himself

What is wrong with the counting which caused this?
Is it a taboo to count the steps in the forest; or in that particular forest where something probably happened before then?

What is the mystery?


ShuriKen said...

Why people go for camping always have spooky stories?

Been to quite a few camping trips but thank goodness I didnt see nor hear anything abnormal. All I remember was it was tiring and had to wake up in the middle of the night to keep watch of the camp site. The best part of it was cooking maggie during the night watch! hahaha... those were the days...

Christy said...

I kinda hate camping...seriously!!
Dirty and unhealthy..UGHS!

Of course, you'd thank God for not seeing anything or experiencing anything abnormal.
It could scare you for a lifetime!