Monday, August 03, 2009

Angel of Death/Grim Reaper

Angel of Death; also known as the Grim Reaper is often associated with death; as the name indicated.

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They are the messengers of Death; and they arrive to take those who are about to leave this world to their rightful place to await their judgement.
It was often told in forms of tales and imaginative stories that the Angel of Death/Grim Reaper is the cause of one's sudden death, and can be bribed or persuaded to lengthen one's lifetime.

There are various versions of the Angel of Death; according to the different beliefs and cultures based on their respective religions.
However, they are all connected to the same theory; which is Death itself.

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We all know that birth and death is beyond our control; it remains a divine mystery which we should all respect.
Death is unpredictable; no one can predict when or how they are going to leave the world (not unless you're a seer; but I still feel that God's powers far supercedes that of the mortal human being)

It is most feared of; probably because most of the people (us) are afraid to leave what we have now; our belongings and most importantly, our loved ones.
We are afraid of something that is unknown to us; which explains why most people feel so scared of darkness.

At the same time, everyone is not prepared to leave a place where they are comfortable with and they are reluctant that they need to leave before everyone else, hence the fear always remain.
Everyone; is afraid of death, due to the HOW question as well.

We have heard of all sorts of stories and read of them in papers of deaths which occur almost every day, every hour, every minute; in fact, every second and could be anyone and anywhere.
Some die painfully; some die in terror, some die unwillingly, some, their lives are just taken from them unprepared, and there are also some of the fortunate ones who died peacefully, knowing of their own time.

But, HOW can we predict in which way we will die?
The answer is NO, no one can ever tell the manner in which their life will be taken from them.

Even if we do know, does that expel the fear of death from ourselves?

We have heard of some near-death experiences from people around us; some from people who have been gravely ill, some who have escaped death in a very close encounter, and some who claimed they have been to hell/heaven and were sent back.
Some even claimed that their deceased loved ones came to them in their dream to describe how they died and how they encountered the Angel of Death at their very own deathbeds.

Angel of Death is a myth or reality?

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I chose not to be skeptical as this is something I cannot answer and verify; and I chose not to question the existence.
I leave it to you to decide as I shall proceed to share true stories as told by some close friends who shared their family or personal experiences with death or Angel of Death...
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Stay tune for the upcoming posts...

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