Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The last day of the 6th month

Today is the last day of the 6th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar
This signifies that the 7th month; which is the month for the Hungry Ghosts will be here at the strike of midnight tonight where the gates of Hell will be opened and the spirits will be released to roam the earth for a month.

We will be expecting more rain during this month; as I have heard, which is a sign of yin energy.
We will be seeing worships and joss sticks or burning of papers, offerings, food outside some of the houses and shops for the entire month as this is the typical Chinese custom to pay their respects and to appease the wandering souls.

They believe that in doing so, the spirits will not disturb them and grant them peace.

Our elders will remind us that it is best to stay at home when night falls during this time to avoid any supernatural encounters which can scare the younger ones or even lead to any mishaps/accidents.

Whether you believe it or not, it is best to listen to your elders and just take extra precaution yourself.

Some things are better left unknown and unperturbed.

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