Sunday, August 09, 2009

He came to see her...

In the year 2002, my paternal grandmother suffered pelvic injuries as a result of a bad fall and was admitted to the hospital for a minor surgery.

Shortly after her surgery, she was discharged and was allowed to go home again.
She often complained of pains and she had to be confined to bed rest most of the time; and a maid was hired to attend to her needs.
The maid slept in the same room as my grandmother since it was a larger room and also, because she had to be close to my grandmother to care for her.

Unknown to the maid, the room used to be the bedroom where both my grandparents stay; and the place where she is occupying was where my grandfather used to sleep.
My grandfather had left us 8 years before that.

My grandmother used to tell us that she sees 'Ah Kong'(what we call our grandfather) but since we were kids, we did not paid much attention to horror stories.

Shortly, grandmother did indeed pass away as she was found dead in her bed one morning and soon, arrangements were made for the funeral.

During this time, the maid came up to my mum and my aunt as they were chatting casually.
She mentioned that grandmother sometimes would mutter in her sleep; and she said, she did see a man sitting by her bedside.

She thought it was my uncle; who was probably worried about grandmother late at night.
Aunt was surprised and said, when was the last time she saw the guy and the maid replied that she recalled seeing him there for the longest time the night before her death.

After a while, she hesitantly paused and said, the man who was sitting by her bedside looked like the man in the photo sitting on top of the dressing table in the room.

Upon hearing this, both aunt and mum were quiet and the maid, who had already sensed it whispered, "Is he her husband?"

They nodded and told her gently, "But he's dead for more than 8 years now"

The maid was dumbfounded but she also added, "He must have loved her a great deal"
Both my aunt and mum agreed to this, as my grandfather has always been doting on my grandmother and I have never heard Ah Kong raised his voice at my Ah Ma.
He is a patient and mild-tempered man who rarely say much.

Needless to say, the maid refused to sleep in that room again although Mum assured her that grandfather meant no harm.
However, with grandmother's demise as well, I could really understand her pressure of facing TWO at the same time!!

Anyway, whatever they say about reincarnation, grandfather definitely did watch and guard grandmother all the time.

They are truly a good example of "Loving someone to the end of time"
It was an UN-dying love (no pun intended)...

I pray that Grandpa and grandma may rest in peace...

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