Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Horror Movies to scare the Freaking Daylights Out of You

Well, in my previous post, I mentioned about losing my interest in horror movies and why I would try to avoid the genre as much as possible to maintain good health (for my heart, soul and mind!)

I have watched and read a number of movies and stories on this genre though, and some of them were international best sellers and rated top horror movies of all time (all-time classics).

If you are a big horror movie fan, I could recommend a few (I'd not watch them again if I could help it though) to scare the hell out of you (at least it did to me!).
I have been requested to share movies that I feel are a good scare for a watch (these are fans or enthusiasts!)

Warning: Some of these could leave a lifetime memory in you (that's why they are classics)

The list is based on movies I have watched, and I would rank them in order with a little bit of description on why I think they could be so freaking SCARY!

1. The Exorcist
I've read the book and watched the movie of this one and my, there is no doubt why this could be on the top of the list!
I watched the movie at a young age; with my family, and I remembered feeling scared throughout the whole movie! (Not just half of the movie)
This movie had intensive disturbing scenes and just makes me feel uncomfortable when watching or even After watching it.
Who could forget this; if you have ever watched it, the fate of the poor little girl; Linda Blair?
This is one of the very first horror classics produced; and the reason it was so realistic was because it WAS based on a true story which took place in the States.
Visually disturbing, and even the book sends a chill down your spine and you dare not sleep alone!
If you dare, go watch it (don't say you are not warned!)

2. Poltergeist
This was one of the most popular movies; and you can definitely tell its popularity from the number of sequels which came after it. The movie brings an eerie feeling to your own home, especially the television set after watching the adorable and sweet little Carol Anne talking to it (prime scene in the movie).
Facts have it that the set was cursed; as two of the lead actors, one of them is Heather O' Rourke who played the cute Carol Anne died prematurely/shortly after the movie (refer to Internet sources)

3. The Omen
The number 666 in association with the devil was popularized by this movie, and the sound effects and dramatic music really made this a highly exciting not to mention eerie to leave an effect in your mind forever. You can never forget the eyes of Damien who was the Anti-Christ. It just leaves that creepy feeling in you after watching the movie.

4. Rosemary's Baby
Another movie to do with the Anti-Christ, and you could be just paranoid of people around you especially those jolly old neighbours who are always ready to lend a helping hand. It was not that sinister compared to the first three as the movie cleverly goes through the lives of the happy young couple before scaring you.

5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
This is a movie which centered on the court trial and like Exorcist, it is also based on a true story about a staunch Catholic family whose faith in their religion was brought to the test when their young daughter was possessed and died.
My paranoia of the ungodly hour of 3.00-3.30a.m started from this movie, watch it and you will know what I meant.

6. IT
Based on Stephen King's novel, this movie is one of the best from the bestselling author, in my humble opinion. This movie really changed my perception of clowns, FOREVER!

That would be enough for now; as these are the ones that could really leave an effect after watching it, and really, DON't watch if you have a weak heart.

God Bless, Amen!

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