Monday, April 25, 2011

Lent - season for fasting and repentance

Lent, to me is the preceding month leading to the jubilant Easter and is what I would term as the preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Lent season lasts for 40 days and is a commemoration of Jesus's forty days in the desert; fasting and repenting before he officially begins his public ministry/teachings.
He abstained from food and drink for that period of time, and was even tempted by Satan but his will was strong and he overcame the temptations.

This season reminds us of the times when we have fallen into temptation of sins and the deceptions of the world, and therefore, the Church observes the Lent season as a period of fast, abstinence, repentance and self-reflection to renew ourselves before celebrating Jesus's resurrection.
Traditionally, luxury or any form of entertainment is prohibited during this season which commenced from the Ash Wednesday.
This includes watching movies, tv, indulging in feasts or recreational activities as it would be viewed as a form of disrespect or weak willpower.

Ash Wednesday, marks the start of the observation of Lent, and is a obligatory mass where the most prominent highlight of the mass is the marking of the ash on our foreheads.
The significance of this event is to remind us of our origins which will also be the form upon which we will return to; "Unto Ash you return"

Lent is viewed seriously by the Church and during this time, the 4-5 weeks of the season will be observed with solemnity as we are reminded of Jesus's preparations and sacrifices for us.

Fasting during this month is not merely on food, but also from the worldly desires.
One of the main abstinence is from meat; as meat had always been regarded as a form of luxury food usually meant for celebration.

It is through Lent that we learn the sacred mysteries and experience for ourselves the sacrifices of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Journey through Lent makes us more prepared for the joyous and victorious celebration of Easter; where the Lord Jesus Christ is risen.

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