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Happy Chinese New Water Dragon Year 2012~

Phew, a long title for the post, but sums up the Lunar New Year of the year 2012.
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To those of you who are celebrating the Chinese New Year, I am sure you are already well aware that this year is the year of the Dragon; in the Chinese cycle of the 12 zodiac animals, in fact, it is a Water Dragon year, to be precise.

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The dragon is highly regarded as an auspicious symbol in the Chinese culture for centuries, as it is viewed as one with power, authority and prosperity. The dragon is often depicted with such might and strength that there is no wonder it is also often associated with the Heaven above.
Known as a mythical figure with a long body, scale-like skin surface, sharply clawed feet, and a huge and majestic head which looked ferocious and fearsome from the outside.
The dragon is said to have the ability to brew and spur smoke, and spurt fire from its mouth when angered/provoked.
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The dragon is believed to be a mystical (and mythical) animal sent from Heaven and carries the symbolism of heavenly authority to fight against evil.
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The mystical powers of dragon are as such that in ancient China, the Emperor is believed to be a dragon sent from Heaven to carry out the mandate and duties from the deities above.
The dragon is idolized and worshipped in the Chinese community and it is no wonder that most of the auspicious symbols are inspired by the dragon motifs.
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It is believed that the dragon, due to its mythical and heavenly powers protects against evil.

However, do take note that this is the belief in the East as the dragon does not enjoy such adoration in the West as it is viewed as a creature of evil.
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It is funny, yet ironic how the same animal could be given the highest honor in one culture yet receive the lowest level of condemnation in another.
The dragon is depicted to be of much evil that it was considered victorious to have it killed; as portrayed in the famous story of how St George killed the dragon.
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Back to the East, it was frowned upon to bad mouth the name of the dragon, let alone Kill it!
The dragon takes on so many forms in the Chinese culture, but mainly in godly or heavenly forms.
The dragons were also depicted as being in control of the weather and climate; with dragons positioned in all the directions to control the rain water and wind.

With such popularity, it is no wonder that the dragon will make its way into the 12-zodiac of the Chinese astrology; being the only mythical animal compared to the other 11 which are all real and existing animals.

The year 2012 brings forth the arrival of the Dragon; and a year regarded with much favor and anticipation by the Chinese community due to its symbolism.
Most are hoping that there will be a change in their luck and wealth in the year of this mythical yet powerful animal.

Fret not, as according to the astrological elements, the Dragon this year is of the Water element (most of the Chinese characters/symbols are associated to five worldly elements surrounding us such as: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Earth).
As we very well know, Water is constantly changing its form and as such, the Water element associated with the Dragon this year is believed to be a year of change, as predicted by most Chinese astrologers and Feng Shui experts.

The Year of the Dragon is believed to be one full of good things but also due to the ferocious nature of the dragon, it could also bring challenges.
Due to the favoritism for the mythical creature, the elders often would urge the married ones in the family to have a baby born in the dragon year as it symbolizes the good and success. Most people would also love to tie the knot in the dragon year due to its auspicious nature.
It is a tough decision to make too; as some would prefer to marry in the year of the mild Rabbit so that they could have a Dragon baby, and yet there are those who wants to marry in the year of the Dragon so that their marriage would be blessed with good things.
Whichever it is, it is easy to say that the Chinese community truly does prioritize the dragon.

I have heard from my mother and grandmother about the dragon. It seems that although babies born in the year of the dragon are often favoured, they are also at the same regarded with caution.
It is all to do with the nature and characteristics of the animal itself.
As mentioned, the dragon possess a fearsome outlook and possess extremely strong and ferocious characteristics. The dragon can be fearless, bold, out-spoken and strives on success yet at the same time also proud and confident. It can be perceived both ways, whether these are good or bad characteristics.

I was once told that the day, date, time, month and year of birth of a Dragon baby also determines the success path of the child. At the same time, the upbringing and education of the child do greatly influence the future of the child, which is a commonly known fact.
It is said that if a dragon is properly nurtured, he/she could truly be enjoying flying success and popularity everywhere they go, just like a dragon but on the contrary, they could also be at their lowest point if they were not brought up properly.
(Well, I think this is also applicable to every child!:)

This year is believed to be an exceptionally auspicious year to tie the knot, as there is two springs within the same year.
How did this happen?
Well, we celebrated the first day of the Lunar New Year on the 23rd of January, but the first day of spring is actually on the 4th of February!
The Lunar New Year in 2013 will be in the middle of February, after the 4th of February; the first day of spring and therefore, from the 4th of February 2012 to 2013, there is actually 2 springs in the Water Dragon year!
How auspicious is it, I am definitely no expert to tell you, but the Chinese are definitely often raving about the symbolism of spring which is also considered good in their beliefs.

Therefore for those who are planning to tie the knot, it may not be a bad idea to consider getting hitched this year *winks*, although, I must warn that plans are to be made immediately to avoid disappointment, as this is a very popular year for weddings.
In fact, I've already have more than five weddings lined up for this year!:p

For those who are already married, is a Dragon baby on your roadmap? *winks*
One question though, since the year of the Dragon is highly popular, won't it be a problem for children to get into school in the future? The answer is Yes, as I learnt that every time it comes for the Dragon babies, they have to compete fiercely to obtain a place in a good school!

Whatever the Year of the Water Dragon holds or whatever readings you have heard from Feng Shui experts or astrologers, it is still up to us to make this a great year, which I am sure will be for everyone!
I am sure everyone is still enjoying the festive mood and the goodies shared, and let's look forward to welcome the Year of the Dragon with happiness and enthusiasm!

Have a FANTASTIC year filled with wonderful returns, blessings and joy!
I wish you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2012!~
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Happy Chinese New Year to you..
Wish you a good prosperous Dragon year to u n ur family

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Thanks Simple Person! Wow, you actually went through the list of my blogs!!:) Thank you so much, you've made my day ;)