Sunday, April 02, 2006

Believe it or not

I just received a forwarded mail on some of these queer and peculiar pictures taken of these....ermm, should I say "creatures" entirely believe it or not, that's up to your own judgement, I can't pledge the degree of truth in these pictures as well :D

So the first is actually on this "creature" with a human head attached to a snake's body...somehow it's a little like those you see from the mythology books or even in Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire...dark and sinister...somehow, you get that shivers when you look at it...

The second pic is also somewhat similar; and it's a human head attached to a fish body...or should it be a fish with a human face??

Need I say more?
I'm not sure whether these are facts or just some picture manipulation techniques....anyway, I'll leave it to your self-imagination.
I only know it's a little creepy...*shudders*

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