Monday, March 27, 2006

Demonic possessions

I just came across this topic and decided to do a quick post on it...
Having watched The Exorcist, the all-time classic of a true story of the possession of a 5 year old girl, Reagan, one would definitely have in mind the whole idea of what this is all about.

The Exorcist was definitely true to its time of making, a classic and horrifying movie which was depicted as so vividly real that you would definitely freak out if you are sleeping alone. I watched it when I was really young and you know what they say about children's memory; typically and scientifically proven, one would only be able to recall their childhood memories set from the age of 7 onwards. In other words, memories before the age of 7 may appear pretty vague when you try to recall. However, I remember this movie vividly; especially of the shaking of the bed, the blueish green bedroom, the puke of Reagan over the priest, and the famous scene of the 360 degrees turn of Reagan's head when she turned to face the approaching priest. Also another terrifying scene would be that of Reagan masturbating with the crucifix. *shivers*

I guess I made my point in saying that this movie certainly left a deep impression in my memory. In fact, this movie did so well that initiated so many ensuing sequels and also other movies of the similar genre but still nothing beats the classic of all time. Other memorable horror movies include Poltergeist and also The Omen.

I watched another true story of demonic possession, a new release last year; The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Also another true story of a normal teenage girl who was possessed by the 6 evil spirits; and the filmmakers also included the actual recording of the sounds by Satan in the film...I didn't know about that until after the movie...eerie huh?

Well, after watching all these movies, you'd definitely be more on your edge and devout to your religion. However, the controversion in the Emily Rose's account was she was already a devout Catholic and her whole family was also a religious lot but Emily is still a victim of uninvited possession. Yup, this movie really puts us to question faith but I believe that there is always a reason behind everything. God makes things happen for a reason.

Also, another interesting thing I found out through this movie was the evil hour which was at 3.00a.m. I know about the holy hour at 3.00p.m since Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified on Good Friday at this hour. Thus, all Catholics and Christian alike observe this as the holy hour. To spite this, I heard from my friend that that is the main reason why the evil hour is set at 3.00p.m.
After watching this movie, 3.00a.m is never the same anymore.
Anyhow, faith is indeed a powerful thing. In fact, it is also one of the strengths in an exorcism. If you have actually seen a real-life exorcism or even in movies, I heard from some church members who was physically there to assist the priest, that the devil is always trying to distract your attention and tries to shake you off your religious grounds. Therefore, if you are not strong enough, the devil actually triumphs.

This is also one of the main reasons not all priests can be exorcists; only experienced and faithful priests and also specially trained in handling exorcisms. In fact, a failed exorcism could be fatal and typically, the Church would not want to mess with lives.
Furthermore, the devil often tries to instill fear and confusion thus making one weak and vulnerable and also susceptible to possession. In fact, according to people, the possessed are usually confused people or those who are unsure.

There are a few signs which I found in a website on the telltale signs to tell if a person is possessed:
1. Ability to speak and comprehend a multittude of languages which he/she is never able to or exposed to before.

2. Extraordinary physical strength as compared to before - if 4-5 men can't hold down a 5 feet girl, then you can be sure of that. In fact, Sister Agatha, that's the church member I talked to, she mentioned that there was this possessed lady who was held down by 8 strong men in the church and yet they are struggling hard to hold her. At the same time, she (or the devil) hissed at all of them - clear intention to instill the fear.

3. Sudden deep interest or knowledge in the occult stuffs

4. Resistance towards religious materials or speech - and start to talk about AntiChrist, etc.

In fact, Agatha also told me of this possession of another in my church where the priest was performing the exorcism by reading the sacred and holy verses from the bible; intending to cast out the devil in the name of the Lord(that's the common practice - as all are humble servants in front of the Almighty Creator). While the priest was reading the verses, the Devil was already reading the lines ahead...definitely scary. It's always a challenge in the battle between the good and the evil.

My church used to be famous because of a legendary French priest, the late Father Decrooq who died before I was born. He's famous due to his amazing exorcism skills; yes, he was an exorcist and a powerful priest. One of the well-loved person during his time; in fact, everyone flocked to his funeral then and he is still fondly remembered to this day.

Praise the Lord....Amen.

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