Monday, March 13, 2006

Malaysian Highway Story first story.. I was thinking of posting the oldest story which I have heard; but somehow, this story came to mind and I decide to review this story.

I first heard of this story from my ex-housemate during my first year in university; and it seems that there were different versions of the story. This story was pretty popular too; as it has even crossed the borders to our neighbouring country; Singapore. I guess most of you have probably heard of this story as well.

This incident took place on a famous stretch of highway in Malaysia; where along the highway, there is a steep corner at the cliff. I will not mention which highway this is; as I am not too sure myself and it was pretty much based on my own guess based on the descriptions I have read on the highway itself.

Here goes:

A couple were travelling on the highway at night; approximately 9pm when their car broke down on this stretch. Unable to start the car, the husband decided to get down from the car to check out the situation. He locked the car doors and told his wife to stay in the car.

He went to the back of the car and started getting out the tools. The wife could hear him bustling about. At the same time, she started hearing noises and loud thuds on the roof of the car. It hit the roof so hard that the car was starting to shake.

Then as she took a glimpse at the passing cars, she noticed a similar pattern; whereby the cars seem to slow down as they were approaching her car but then sped off immediately.
Then, a police patrol car passed their car as well and pulled to halt a few metres in front of her car.
A policeman in uniform got down and motioned for her to get down and walk towards them.
Then the policeman also told her not to look back and to head towards them directly.
She obeyed and slowly walked towards the police car without turning back.
As she reached the police car, she turned to face her car and to her shock, she saw a creature; woman-like biting her teeth into her husband who was all covered in blood and his head was severed through the repeated bashing on the roof of the car.
The policemen then bundled her into the car and sped off in safety.
It seemed that the woman is mentally unstable today.

Well, what do you make of this story? It was reputed that this stretch of highway was an exploration into the reserved forests and also the construction of the highway it seems has provoked the spirits which reside there. Furthermore, there was also the burial ground of the natives which were not to be ignored as well.
At the same time, another theory speculated that this area was actually infested with pontianaks as well; restless female spirits who died during childbirth.

I am not sure about the accountability of this story; but then again, as mentioned, I am not held in the liability of the degree of the truth of the stories shared since I am just blogging; a personal perspective to be shared and also to seek other opinions and not to question the liability of any of the sources:)

This story could probably be true; and my sympathies go to the woman in this story if that were so. To watch your loved one die in front of you would be the worst thing that could happen; not to mention the gory details and the gruesome sight.

Anyhow, my advice is, be careful when you are driving on the road; may not be along any specific stretch of the highway nor due to the fear of supernatural.
Think of your loved ones as well and drive carefully and safely all the time. Fear for your own lives rather than about the supernatural; as logically, if you were to be afraid and avoid the other worldly beings, you may end up in an accident and in the world beyond....

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