Monday, March 13, 2006

Charms, garlics, cross

A story told by an old friend way back when I was still in primary school; pretty young then.
This friend of mine actually went on a vacation to one of the famous highlands; guess most of you can pretty much guess which highlands I am referring to; yeap, the one which belongs to Uncle Lim...Genting Highlands.

So, my friend went with her family and they booked an apartment to stay overnight. I will not name the apartment here for, obvious reasons.

Anyway, as her dad was checking in at the concierge, she and her mum and brother decided to go upstairs to check out the apartment with the keys.

They took the elevator and to their surprise, the elevator stopped at the 5th floor(I think) which they did not push the button as I think their unit was located on a higher level.
Anyway, as soon as the doors of the elevator opened, they were taken by shock when they saw the whole floor was empty and on the main doors of each unit, there were charms (fu - in Chinese which are the yellow long strips of paper with Chinese characters on it in red) and also crosses(crucifixes) and strings of garlics hanging around.

In fact, according to my friend, the charms are pasted on the doors in a criss cross manner; using two strips of the charm to cross each other; giving the impression that it is prohibiting entrance (or exit, perhaps?).

With that eerie picture in front of their very eyes and spine tingling sensation, instinctively, it didn't take them long to hit on the close button and get back to their father.
I can't remember whether they checked out immediately or continued to stay in the apartment.

Anyway, who could blame them if they did check out? Would you stay in an apartment after seeing there is a particular level with indications of hauntings...and in my interpretation, probably very disturbing hauntings if the management had to close the entire floor to the public and risk losing the business for so many units. Furthermore, there were also religious objects to "control" the unseen forces from leaving the particular level.

I heard of this story personally through my old friend and you may think children would be making this up but then again, aren't kids supposed to be naive in nature and typically most of the time, their words are true from the heart and mind?

At the same time, I heard that this apartment is indeed haunted and there have been reported continuous hauntings. Also, some of them also mentioned that there is such a place where the whole level is closed to the public; in fact the management even took it off the directory and acted as if the level never existed. However, whether it is in this same apartment mentioned in the story, I am not sure myself;)

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