Monday, March 13, 2006

This one not yet sleep...

This is another story which I heard from a varsity mate. I used to study in a university in the Historical City of Malaysia. As with other universities, it is located in a more remote area; away from the hustle bustle of the cities.
I was fortunate enough to get to stay in one of new off-campus apartment and with a bunch of cool and fun housemates...EP B-01-08 gals, you rock!!:)

Anyhow, before this apartment (which was directly opposite the university's main entrance) was built, there used to be another apartment located at a distance further from the university and further from this new apartment.

This story occurred in that apartment; it seemed there were quite a number of reported hauntings in the particular residential block. I, however, had only heard of this story. To me, it was spooky the first time I heard it and here goes the story as related to me:

There was a girl who had to stay alone on one night as her roommate has gone home for the weekend. They shared a bunker bed where this girl sleeps at the lower bunk.
The whole house was also pretty empty that particular night as most of the girls were out dating or gone back to their hometown.

The girl soon went to bed herself and settled down to sleep.
She awoke in the middle of the night to find a pair of legs swinging back and forth from the top bunk right in her view. Puzzled, she wondered whether her roommate had indeed gone back to her hometown. At the same time, she was bewildered as the legs were actually of a young girl's; definitely not their age.

She then heard giggles and immediately forced her eyes shut tightly as it suddenly dawned upon her that this may be an other worldly visit.
Then she heard a line(in Mandarin) which made her froze in fear:
" Ma ma, wei se me na ge nu hai zhi kan tao wo you zhuang kan pu tao wo?"
(Mama, why does the girl see me and yet pretends she didn't see me?)

WELL........when we first heard of this story, we were spooked out, hey, we are girls lar and furthermore, still new in that area.
Thankfully for me and my roommate, we are in the twin-sharing room and thus we both have our own single beds. (There are a total of 4 rooms in our apartment; 3 of them twin-sharing with single bed for each; while the master bedroom is triple sharing - with a bunker bed and a single bed)

For one of my housemates who's pretty close to me, she was in the master bedroom and coincidentally sleeps in the lower bunk.
The worse of it was that her roommates who were both from Ipoh also went home for the weekend. Man, talk about coincidences!!
Haha, as expected, she was truly spooked and we offered her to crash in our rooms for the night which she obligingly accepted.
Our room was pretty small as well, but at least, there were no legs dangling from the top bunk of the bed since we do not have any bunker beds!!!:p

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