Monday, March 13, 2006

Welcome to the twilight zone!

Star light star bright....

Just had this idea to start another blog in which I will be sharing all the stories which I have heard; on the supernatural or mysteries unsolved.
I will also be covering on the places with reputed mystery or hauntings, so basically, this blog will be specializing on my views and thoughts on the world beyond and also the mysteries around us; such as UFO.

This is not an authoring as in the True Singapore Ghost Stories; but just a liberal humble sharing and exchanging of thoughts and ideas on the other world.

Hehe....just post comments to let me know what you think as well on the stories which I will be sharing....absurd? scary? did it happen? etc etc.

So, ready? Let's step into the twilight zone.....and share the dark tales from the crypt.....hahahaha:)

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