Tuesday, May 01, 2007

House Haunting

I was back for the Labor Day/Wesak Day weekend and had a great time with my family and friends:)
Anyway, through one of those family banters, I heard this story from my bro; a true story which actually involved his friend; to be exact, his roomie in the university.
This roomie, was staying in this row of houses which face the main road and opposite his house is this Tai Chow food stall.
Okay, let me see.....his house was separated from his granny's house by the middle house.
There is this house between his and his granny's place; now back to some history.
Initially his family wanted to buy two houses in a row; so that they get to stay next to each other. However, it was bought by another person and despite much persuasion, this neighbor just wouldn't sell his place. Thus, they were separated by this particular house in the middle.
They are all Buddhists (or Taiosts); and their neighbour had altars outside and inside the house.

Recently, they heard of some disturbances in the neighbour's house and was surprised that he had removed all the altars and also worshipping paraphernalia.
It seems that the neighbour's family encountered the unknown presence and that everyone in the house actually saw "it"!!!!
They were freaked (like, duhhh)...and they sought the help of a medium.
The medium came and tried his best at the exorcism but then he related something to them; he was unable to cast away the spirit as the spirit is not of Taiosm nor Buddhism.
He advised them to engage a Christian priest as this spirit was actually a Christian.

The family then hurried over to the nearest church/priest and sought for professional help.
The priest managed to exorcised the spirit out of the house; and cleansed the house from unclean presence.
Then as they were escorting him out of the house, he turned to look at the next house (the granny's house) and whispered, this house is also unclean.
The neighbours told my bro's roomie's family and of course, they were shocked.

I don't think they have done anything so far to cast it away (there's a bunch of people staying in his granny's place).
However, I think he himself (the roomie guy) was freaked out by the news as he actually sleeps in the back room upstairs in his own house. His room window overlooks the back alley of the house which looks so dark and sinister.
Don't really blame him; what do you do when you hear about 2 of your neighbour's house (next to yours) are haunted?

Uhhhh...really pity him; heard that he used to go home during weekends quite often; now he seems to be rather freaked to go home.....the poor guy:(

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