Thursday, April 19, 2007

White Noise

Remember the movie which Michael Keaton starred in? The movie of the same title which won varying reviews and thoughts from movie critics?
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Well, it was about this concept of the white noise and no, it was not purely fiction as there are some ongoing research about this topic; something that even had its roots dating in history.
Yeah, since the early days, people have resorted to communicating with the dead. They usually try to contact a medium or even shaman to get to the other side; trying to convey their message or even hearing from beyond.
Sometimes, they even involve all those mechanical and electrical devices to achieve the purpose.

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Look at the history chart (timeline); there has been various attempts; and no kidding, some were even recorded.
There were those static noises or buzzings heard when they try this out; rather eerie huh?
Well, finally in the 70's, they gave this noises a name; the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) - which refer to the noises/voices recorded on the tape.

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