Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good Friday today!

Today is Good Friday; the famous Friday where our Lord Jesus Christ will be crucified and die for our sins.
He took it above all to take this unto himself.
And we also realize the TRUE love from our Almighty Father who sent HIS one and ONLY son to suffer and die for our sins.
Today will be a day of abstinence and penance; most of the Christians/Catholics alike will be fasting to observe the death of Jesus Christ and to reflect on our own sins.
It is really a very sad occasion; and I remember when I was very young, Daddy bought me this Children's Bible which was really thick and full of pictures and colors (meant for kids) and I read the whole thing; from the Old to New Testament (well, i LOVED reading since young).
When I came to this part of the crucifixion, I was totally in tears and couldn't stop crying.
It was totally inhuman to me!!
Crown of thorns, nailing on the hands!!! Ugggghhhh....even thinking of it now, gives me the shudders.
I couldn't even bear to watch Passion of Christ for that reason.

It must have been the worst ordeal any normal human being can go through.
Most of you may say that well, he is the Son of God. However, also bear in mind, he was also of flesh and blood and is as human as you and me.
His pains are no less than what we experience.
Imagine when you get a small cut and even you will scream and sometimes, even the tingling when your cuts expose themselves to the air, imagine this!!!
And think, he was even continuously whipped inhumanly without mercy and he was forced to carry this huge cross on his back and even went through the humiliation of being stripped naked in public.

And all that, because he Loved us so much.....he thought of that ABOVE all of his sufferings.
Have a blessed Good Friday everyone, just observe today as a day of solemnity and be mindful of all our sins and repent.
Remember and do not throw away Jesus's effort to redeem us and give us new lives!
God bless you...

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