Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Maundy Thursday

Today is the Feast of the Last supper.....the Holy Thursday or as some call it Maundy Thursday.
There are a lot of versions referring to this day as well; Great Thursday, etc.
In fact, I just found from Wikipedia that at the dusk of today, it will mark the end of the Lent Season...I used to think Lent only ends on Easter; that's why we celebrate.
Anyway, tomorrow, Good Friday will still be a day of penance and observation - so, not considered the end yet.

The famous tradition of this day is actually Christ breaking the bread and offering the wine to his disciples.
Then there is also the practice of the washing of the disciples' feet which is also reenacted in the churches as an observation of the custom every year.
This is conducted by the lay/ministers in the church by washing the feet of the parishioners or the congregation to commemorate this humble act of Jesus as the master towards his disciples.
It is also the night where one of his disciples, Judas betrayed Jesus.

Holy Thursday is also the mark of the beginning of the Easter Triduum; marking the 3 day celebration before Easter; starting with Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.
The caricatures of this event is made famous through various paintings; the most famous was the Da Vinci's Last Supper which created the controversy through Dan Brown's novel about the mysteries behind the painting (some kind of code, etc).

I will be attending the mass tonight as well; for the Holy Thursday; God bless you and let's prepare ourselves for the celebration of the Lord's resurrection.

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