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The latest Thai horror movie to hit Malaysia which dwells on the horrific truth about Siamese twins besides the facts which we have known on their low survival rates.
This movie depicts the bond of these unique pair of twins in a scary way that even death cannot part them.

Siamese twins are labelled as they are often born attached to each other; not just emotionally but physically as well as they share organs. Some are even more unfortunate to share vital organs such as heart or liver and require major/risky operations to separate them; which can sometimes lead to death or even upon success, does not guarantee a high or long term survival rate.

This movie is about a lady, Pim who appears to have it all, a great life and a good husband until one day, a family affair requires her to fly back to her old home which soon brought back memories of her childhood and a past which came back to haunt her.
I personally have not watched this movie but I have seen the trailer and it truly spooked me out.

I am not writing this post to review about this movie; and similarly about my other posts in this blog, dwells on the supernatural part and also the thoughts behind this.

Does the truth behind this movie that Siamese twins cannot be parted stand?
I will not truly defy the truth of this; as in my personal point of view, the birth of Siamese twins are indeed a unique occurrence and not one to be encountered out of a populated sample of infant births.
Folklores and myths have often linked these rare births to the lack of care during pregnancy and also the disobeying of the elders' advices on the prohibited food/exercise which could lead to deformed/distorted/abnormal births.

Siamese twins are given the term because of their joint at one part of the body; sometimes simple ones like limbs to complicated ones such as the heart and the liver.
The past history has revealed the pessimistic survival rate of these twins either at birth, after, or even after surgery and mortility rates were not encouraging based on the data. Sometimes, one can survive but not the other and in worst case, both may not be able to make it.

Is it the emotional bond?
Is it the physical detachment?
In this movie, Pim was haunted by her past; her twin who was separated at birth and died later after the surgery and now, she is trailing Pim; everywhere she goes....
Do share your views for those who have watched the movie....
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