Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ghost Tree in Malaysia?

I am not sure how many of you have read about this but it seems that Malaysia has her own spot in the paranormal sightings and stories among the other spooks in the world.
An old article in 2006 (September), revealed a pinang tree found in one of the villages in Kepala Batas; located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.
The tree; was said to have an unusual shape formed on it and that it resembled a scary-looking face which has been drawing crowds to the exact spot where the tree stood.

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The face was located at the base of the frond.
The owner of the tree was amazed but quoted that this was the 2nd time that the 10-year old tree has sprung up with an unusual shape on it; whereby the first time, the shape resembled that of an eye.
Unperturbed, the owner even quoted that the this shape will last for an approximate of 2 weeks in which it will shed naturally.
With the attention garnered from the tree, the villagers have also taken the opportunity to sell off the photos of the face on the tree at the price of RM2 per copy.
At the same time, while most have termed the tree as a "ghost tree", the elderly community in the village have passed some words to the visitors as not to make any comments on the tree.
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I find this really amazing and yet at the same time, I must say it is really baffling as to how this formation could happen. I may have missed out any scientific explanation related to this...
However, there were also numerous claims on the different types of sights they are all viewing and some even quoted that it does not resemble anything and is just a form on the tree.
Well, perhaps some can see it some just can't; just as in see what you want to see or what your mind/perception tells you to see.
Whatever it is, I find this a rather interesting happening in my own country....
I wonder what formation the tree has on it now?


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