Monday, October 19, 2009

The story of a Car...

This is a true story; based on a recent incident which happened to a dear friend of mine who is probably reading this blog as well.

This is a story which involved the car; and I would like to hear the thoughts of everyone.
Perhaps the decision to post this story in this blog indicated that there is some supernatural force at work, but it is just from my point of view.
I would still like to hear whether there could be any other logical/rational/scientific explanation to clarify on the incident which happened.

My friend has recently purchased a used car; but it's a luxury car all the same.
Anyway, this incident happened 3 weeks ago.

He had just come back from buying his dinner and parked his car in the usual parking spot designated for each unit in the condominium (you know how condominium car parks are like)
He got down from his car, and locked it, heading up to his condo as usual.

The next morning, he woke up, and he found his car missing from the spot!
It was really missing!

Being his new baby, he panicked and had already imagined the worst; that his car was stolen!
He tried to convince himself that it could be a prank played on him by his housemate.

He tried clicking on the remote button to locate his car; and then to his relief, he heard the beep of the alarm. Following the sound of alarm, he found his car which was parked a distance away from his original spot!

It was pretty weird, for he could have sworn that he parked it in the usual parking spot the night before.
All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind; could it be a thief, a ghost, etc?

When I first heard the story, I came up with two assumptions:
1. He was probably too tired, and he parked his car in a different parking spot and forgot all about it.
(Not valid and seems feeble though; as this is a condominium carpark and it's rare that we make this mistake as there's not much parking space for us to play around with anyway)

2. A thief probably tried to break into his car and then realized that he does not have the access card to leave the premises and decided to abandon the car at any available parking spot.

Well, my friend checked his car and noticed that there were no signs of break-in.
We figured it could be a professional thief but then it would invalidate the 2nd assumption; that a professional thief is not armed with the gear to steal a car and leave the premises safely!

Anyway, this incident plagued his mind for some time and then I advised him to notify the management of the condominium to keep an eye on his car/car plate in case of any suspicious activities.
At the same time, it would be good for him to request to view the video captured by the condo's CCTV facilities.

I joked that another possibility could be that his car is haunted.
There is a car phantom in it; that probably shifted the car because it did not like the position where it was parked.
He told me that he was thinking along the same line; and he suspected that the car was haunted.

I told him to cleanse the car; and apparently, he revealed that there were already charms and amulets placed inside the car.
Well, I joked that the ghost/phantom was probably of a different belief and he should probably try charms, holy stuffs from other religions.

Anyway, a few weeks passed and I forgot about it until he told me a few days ago that he had seen the CCTV recordings.
He had lodged a police report and used the report as a basis to request for the viewing of the CCTV recordings and he saw what happened.

When he showed me the video, I was expecting to see one of the two assumptions I made earlier.

Guess what, I saw something which I found it hard to believe had I not seen it with my own eyes.

I don't have the video with me; but I can briefly describe what I saw in the short 1-minute plus video captured.

It showed my friend getting down from his car (I think it was about 6+ in the evening where he just got back from getting his dinner).
The car was parked in the usual parking spot.
He got down and closed the door; then locking the car behind him.
(I saw the car lights blinking when he motioned towards the car with something he was holding in his hand; a remote control like what we all have)

He walked away from the car.
(From the CCTV, we could see his car on the right side with all the cars parked next to his and facing each other from the left)

Nothing happened for a while until 1 minute later...

The black car which belonged to my friend, moved towards the bottom right!
It just slid and moved by itself!!

I had my eyes on the car during that short video, and I did NOT blink.
NO ONE got into the car; neither was the car unlocked or anything like that, but it just MOVED!

Now, if you're thinking of the same thing as me when I saw it, that the hand gear was probably not in the right place and that the car somehow slid, well, let me show you the illustration of how the car moved from its original position to the new position.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Now, logically, when a car slides due to the gear in Neutral position, etc, it should be parallel to its original position.
Also, there's a possibility of it hitting other cars along the way or any object, right?
Bear in mind, this is a car park in the condominium premises; which means there are cars all around that place and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE for a car to slide without hitting other cars along the way.

SO, SO, HOW else could you explain the shifting of this car's original position to its new (not straight) and slanted position?

Oh my, dear God this for REAL?


Laydie~Bug said...

omg. is this for real? i'm so freaked out right now!!!!

Dskinny1 said...

ok.. this is what happened:-

1. Your friend parked car at office parking space.
2. Professional thief broke into the car and hid in the booth.
3. Your friend drive home.
4. Friend lock car.
5. Friend masuk rumah.
6. Thief enter car thru back seat
7. Thief starts the car. He knows how coz he's the thief.
8. Thief drives away.
9. Thief realises he cant get out of the condo without the tag thingy.
10. Thief abandon car at another spot and runs for his life.

hahaha.. :P

LieWei said...

Scary indeed.

But another way to think about it, it is something like Herbie, the Volkswagen car. Cute...

Christy said...

Bestie, I am equally as freaked out...I SAW THE VIDEO somemore!!
I can't get the picture out of my mind!!! :O

Christy said...

DSkinny1, that's a very good story, but low possibility as the car park of work place is exposed and everyone could see the thief. Besides, the security at the car park is very tight too, the office one I meant =)
So, no...this is spooks for real!!

Christy said...

LieWei, it's scaryyyyyy...if only I have the video to share as well!! :-S

Anonymous said...

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