Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I dreamt of someone's death

I had a really funny dream last night; not funny as in laughing or hilarious type but more towards the bizarre and supernatural type.

I dreamt of someone that I don't really know but yet at the same time, he seemed to be related to me.
It was later revealed in the dream that he was a granduncle.

I cannot remember how it started but I seemed to end up in some alley.
I think there was a game between the two men I saw in my dream; gamble or some video game.
Suddenly I saw them hanging by the wall; as in hangman style.

They were hung to death by the wall and I was the first one to rush home and inform my Mum and all my aunts.
Everyone was devastated when they heard the news and made plans to travel immediately and to arrange for the sombre funeral services.

Somehow all those who were in the same house that night were women (aunts and mum) and they relived back their childhood days.

Then the dream seemed to come to a part where I was suddenly startled and I asked, "Oh my, with this happening in the family, I do need to take leave from work right?"

Then I heard my mum, dad and all my aunts answered, "Of course, this is your granduncle"

It flashed to suddenly when I was writing a letter and somehow, it was describing that it was two people's death; my granduncle and grandmother!

I woke up with a shock and I just knew it felt really weird and bizarre and I tried to wipe it away from my mind, but I just felt all out of place anyway.

Hmmmmm....my granduncle has been dead for a long time; and I have only one grandmother left ( I pray nothing is true from this dream!)

It felt like a video game more than reality when I was inside this dream....

One word..WEIRD!

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