Sunday, August 08, 2010

Another dream of the deceased and death

I had yet another dream last Tuesday night; on my 2nd or 3rd night in this new place I have currently moved to.

It was some kind of bizarre dream and I must say one of the worst/scariest dream (or it should be categorized as nightmare) I have ever had.
It was also one that I would have never anticipated.

There were two parts to the dream, and both were not good.
I did not remember or have any proper recollection of the first part of the dream but I remembered seeing someone (or rather, a fuzzy and fast forwarded silhouette) who was dear to me, and whom I have not seen for so long.

The first part of the dream; it was pretty dark and I only remembered seeing or hearing my deceased paternal grandmother.
She seemed pretty young in the dream; she looked younger in appearance to me.

She was kinda busy or preoccupied with something and I don't really remember anything else about the dream except her presence.

Some may say that I should not be freaked out dreaming of my dear old grandmother who loved me, but the weird part is, I have not dreamt of her, not even once since her death more than 10 years ago.
When she passed on in 2002, I was not even informed, nor was I there at her funeral to see her off for the last time.

I even found it tough to believe it when my parents told me that time when they came to pick me up after my first year.
They didn't tell me because I was sitting for my finals at that time, and it broke my heart not to see her or send her off/bid farewell to someone who loved me so much.
That was the main reason I guess I never did dream of her for so many years.
Grandpa, I did dream of him a few times since he died but not grandma.
Sometimes I wonder whether she was disappointed that I didn't say goodbye to her which was why she didn't appear in my dream.

Anyway, moving on to the 2nd part of the dream, which kinda started after I woke up from the short dream for a short moment.

I was kind of driving along a road which was a corner bend (it looked suspiciously like that bend near Queensbay Mall).
Then I heard some mutterings that there was an accident; a really bad one and shortly after I heard that, I saw blood.
Lots of it, like thick puddles of blood on the floor.

Then I saw a man; slightly dark in complexion with slightly curly hair.
He was lying down; obviously dead as I swerved my car around the body.
I heard mutterings that there were a lot of bodies around there as it was a really bad accident.
I even heard that the people/victims in the accident were Chinese nationals; and they were expats and that they all perished in the accident.

Then I saw a lot of beds; not those trolleys where you push the corpses on but rather double beds neatly tucked in at the corners (like those you get in the hotels) everywhere.
There were a lot of them everywhere on the road or some white background dimension.
They were all covered with white cloths with beige and nude colored linen and though it may sound crazy now, but it seemed like in the dream, it was understood that the corpses laid there.

Then I woke up.

I find myself feeling all weird and uncomfortable when I woke up, but I guess everyone who has had a dream on death would feel the same way.

I took some time to calm myself down and after that, I tried to figure out what my dream meant.
I tried to dissect them part by part and to decipher what they meant.

Let me see, I am going to isolate the objects which appeared in my dream as usual before combining them into the scenario.

Part 1:
Deceased grandmother - security, love, trust, faith, that's what grandparent(s) usually mean when they appear in dreams. it could be a forewarning of something, of people around me. The fact that she had been dead for so long also meant of a longtime situation or relationship with another living person which resembled the same quality and which I had to deal with.

Part 2:
Driving (me)

Blood - There may be trouble with an enemy if I were to go into business or starting something new. It could also be related to relatives/families/friends and that it is not good to go into any confrontation.
There could also be relation to emotions, bleeding emotions.
Blood is also a symbol of love, life, passion and disappointments.
I saw someone else bleeding and that means an emotional cry for help.

Dead - This could be a forewarning that there is bad/negative influence or that one could be with the wrong crowd.
This may be a resolution of feelings with those who have passed on. There could also be possibility of material loss.

Beds - Since these were not my beds, this could mean that there is a change of luck in my business affairs. A small increase in good luck actually.
The beds were made, so this was a symbol of security. Bed could also symbolize the discovery of sexuality and my most intimate feelings.

Death - It could mean death in itself; or sometimes there could be some good news (opposite of death)

Putting them together, somehow the two seemed like they were really related through all the elements.

I guess there was a forewarning about my own family or relative; there could be some bad influence or arguments.
I am entangled emotionally; and I feel bothered by everything that will happen around me. I could feel emotional and there is a lack of security in not just my own emotional/family affairs and maybe business.
Make that short, I am about to be bothered by something which happens and could revolve around either family or work or both.

I dreamt of my deceased grandmother; and she came to warn me.
She was a source of warning, as grandparent(s) symbolize love, passion, life and disappointments.
There was something that is related to family, and I could really be missing my grandmother and that I need to resolve my feelings of guilt or disappointment (either in me or in her) that I wasn't there to bid her farewell.

Furthermore, since it had been such time since she had passed on, it was also a symbol of a current situation or relationship which needs to be resolved. The quality of the relationship or situation resembles that of this long death and that I need to learn how to resolve it; either to let it just die or end it.

I saw blood, and an accident, which meant that I had some fears and anxiety about something. I am in an emotional turmoil where I feel like asking for help but yet I did not.

This could be related to the part where I dreamt I was driving; which symbolized my journey and path in my life; how I am going through or navigating my life.
Since I was the one I saw driving in my own dream, and yet I don't remember that I saw where I was supposed to be going or where was I headed to.
Guess it means I may be fearful of where I see myself going ahead in life and to confirm what I want to do in the future.
Bad as it seems, it may be that I am not sure of my own direction/goals.

Perhaps I also do not want to see what is ahead for me or I am afraid to confront certain issues. I may be feeling apprehensive about the future.

Was my view is blocked or obstructed while you are driving, then it symbolizes your lacking awareness of something in your life, yeah I guess that's it, since I saw blood and a dead body, right?
I could be overlooking certain aspects in life.
Alternatively, the dream indicates dangers or problems that I am not aware of yet.
I was driving on a curvy road, and I guess it indicates that I was having difficulties in achieving your goals and I just find it difficult accepting the changes associated with it.

There is some certain degree of truth to the whole dream thing; well, i guess that's why some say that dreams are our subconscious minds speaking.

However, I still think the whole thing is bizarre, seeing all these different elements but I do know I am really messed up at the moment with all my emotions and matters bothering me, I guess I need to really chill out soon

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you