Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Friday, Friday the 13th

Last Friday was Friday the 13th, a spooky combination and to add to it, it was also the Hungry Ghost month.
Anyway, superstitous people will definitely be freaked (or should I say spooked out) by the trio and take extra precautions.

I am not a skeptic but I try not to allow myself to dwell too much on the whole inauspicious date thingy.

However, something weird/bizarre happened to me last Friday which I would like to share.
Some may say it's spooky, or skeptics may relate it to the science, but hear my story

It happened during bedtime; I was already sleeping at that time, and I remembered that it was quite a restless sleep.
It has been like this recently, since I moved into this new place I am currently staying in.
I would be unable to sleep for a few nights, then after that, I would sleep soundly through the night, and then unable to sleep. It's like a pattern that is repeating itself.

Anyway, that night, I was sleeping well initially, and then it got a bit restless, and I remembered I woke up at about 3.30 a.m. (an hour I usually do not like; guess I have been spooked by the idea of it being the unholy hour following a horror movie I watched).

I usually do not like to look at the clock when I awaken in the middle of the night, but well, somehow I just looked and the clock was just directly opposite me anyway as I lay on the bed.

I think it was raining or something; quite heavily outside, and there were thunder and lightning. Thoughts were racing across my mind and I tried to brush them aside.
I wanted to get back to sleep, I always get annoyed when I can't sleep well.

I turned on one side; to the right and tried to sleep.
Then I think I slept, but only for a short while and I woke up again. I wanted to turn to the other side, but somehow, I was held back.
It was as if there was someone behind me or on the other side of the bed holding me back.
I tried to scream or pray, but I realized I could not do so either.
(I have been in this similar situation once in my home back in KL)

Then, like what everyone else would think of, I started praying.
Funny thing was, I found it really hard to focus, and I even forgot some of the lines of my prayers....which was totally weird since I have known those prayers since I was like, five!
I did not let that deter me, as I just started praying to God and Jesus, and just prayed really hard and at the same time, just struggling really hard to turn myself over.

I told myself, that I am strong and I have GOD with me, and I continued praying.
I think the situation lasted a good 5 or maybe 10 minutes and suddenly, I feel like I could breathe again and I was relieved that I could move my hands.
I prayed and muttered Thank You Father, and prayed silently again.

I know that most people would associate this with the scientific explanation about the sleep paralysis mode that we could sometimes go into; even I myself thought of that as well.
However, part of me also feel that there was something to do with spiritual as well, and the power of prayer.

Whatever it is, science or spiritual, I chose not to dwell onto it, and anyway, since it happened in the morning, technically, it's no longer Friday the 13th right?
But it is still the month of the Hungry Ghost still.

Call me imaginative, when I heard the rain and the thunder and lightning, I even thought of what my grandma used to say about lightning.
The Lightning and Thunder God always strike at places where there are evil, and all those wandering or lost spirits or those trying to harm others would always be detected by these deities and it is their jobs to vanquish them.
As a result, these spirits are usually really afraid of the thunder and lightning, lightning especially.

Perhaps the spirit was trying to escape from this and sought refuge?
Okay, not a good idea or picture, gives me the chills, and anyway, I had my crucifix on the table, holy water, and even my Bible and rosary.
I was even wearing a crucifix which was blessed around my neck, for goodness sake.

Well, whatever, I am not taking my chances, I am sleeping with my rosary in my hand and my Bible.

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