Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hungry Ghost Festival stories: Dead man feasting

This is a true story, which happened to one of my aunts before she was married.
She had personally related her story to us when we were young and I remembered my mum telling it to me too.

My aunt (I won't reveal which aunt) had an ability to see ghosts; an ability that she did not appreciate as it did not bring any good to her. She had a rather strong yin energy, according to one of the mediums whom grandmother brought her to.
That was why she could see or sense the presence of the spirits.

This happened when she was in her early twenties; before she was married.
She was the one helping my grandmother with the household chores and usually that required her to work in the kitchen.
She was finishing her chores that night; which coincidentally was during the 7th month (aka the Hungry Ghost month).

It was getting late at night and she was boiling water and she happened to look outside of the door.
(My grandmother used to live in those pre-war old shophouses, and there is an alley between the row of shophouses which is quite wide. They like to leave the back door of the kitchen open, but the latch on the outer metal gate would be locked. The wooden door would be left wide open to allow ventilation within the kitchen)

There was a small red shrine at the back alley, which was slightly at a diagonal angle from my grandmother's kitchen.
She spotted an old man crouching in front of the shrine.
Initially she thought he was just placing his offerings at the altar although she found it weird at that time of the night; it was almost 11+ at night.

She then heard crunching and munching sounds and she noticed that he was eating those food/offerings at the shrine and she was surprised.

She stared and noticed that the old man was staying in the row behind my grandmother's, it was someone they had known for years.

The only thing is, he had died a few weeks ago!

She realized it and immediately closed the door and ran into the living hall!

I think she developed a fever the following day or something like that, and after some remedy from the medium, she recovered fine.
Thankfully there was nothing malevolent about the spirit nor were there any harm done.

Maybe this is also a good tip to share, it may not be such a good idea to be curious during this month unless you have a huge gut to stomach certain things you are about to see.
Trust me, it will definitely be more terrifying than your rollercoaster ride or that bungee jumping, so if you want to be happy and peaceful, just leave these things alone and mind your own business.

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