Sunday, August 22, 2010

A figment of my imagination?

Last night, or rather, early this morning, something really bizarre happened and I didn't like to think it as spooky.
I just kept trying to figure out whether it was my imagination run wild or just the creativity juice flowing through the mind.

Well, here goes,
I was sleeping really soundly last night as I finally laid to sleep close to 11; don't know why I took that long to fall asleep when I was clearly tired and sleepy
I was sleeping with the fan turned on; fan speed of 2 (mid-speed) as usual.

I stirred slowly, finding myself feeling really cold and chilled; and was surprised to find myself with my blanket covering me.
I was also sleeping on my left side; which was funny as I remembered myself sleeping straight on my back; facing the ceiling. I'd remember if I rolled to the other side.
(Maybe I was too sound asleep)

I turned myself back to my original position and to my surprise, I found the reason for myself feeling cold.
The A/C was turned on!

Funny, funny, funny, I remembered that I did not turn on the A/C before I went to sleep; it was only the fan.
I also told myself that I will not turn on the A/C that night; despite turning on the main power (just in case it gets stuffy)

I don't recall turning on the ON button on my A/C remote control which was lying beside me

It was funny; and I turned it off as I was really feeling very very cold.

I saw the time on the clock; 3.30a.m
I really hate waking up at this time; and I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

I just slid back into my covers and try not to dwell on the weird part of How-the-A/C-turned-on as I was telling myself, maybe I just accidentally pressed on it or I woke up feeling hot and turned it on and I just couldn't remember.

I prayed as well, so that I can get back to sleep.

Then I heard dogs barking really loudly; several dogs (neighbors had dogs) and then at some point or another, some even howled.

Now, I remember my grandma used to tell me that animals especially dogs and cats have this ability to see the unseen things and during the 7th month, they could see and they would try to inform the human beings by their sounds.

Barking is usually at human beings deemed suspicious, and howling are usually those 'things'.

Imagine my creative mind when I heard the howling.

I just prayed to God, please let me get back to sleep.

I heard rattle sounds near the curtain; the bottle of paper hearts seem to have rattled itself against the railing near the window and there was no wind.

I prayed and I think I fell asleep eventually.
I remembered telling myself not to be afraid for God will protect me; and I know God will cast a protective light to watch over me.
Besides, my Guardian Angel and Jesus would always be by my bedside, so I just told myself to stay calm and go to sleep.

It is really funny how our minds can play tricks on us; which is what I am deciphering this whole incident to be.
I probably felt hot at some point and woke up unconsciously and turned it on; or my head just accidentally hit that round button for ON.
Then I just slipped the blanket to cover me.
I just couldn't recall this incident maybe because I was too deep in sleep and I even rolled over on my left side.

Seems pretty logical right?
Furthermore, I was just probably too tired to remember it, sometimes we do forget our dreams as well right?

Yup, that was the explanation, no spooks.

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