Monday, September 06, 2010

Hungry Ghost Festival stories: A Partying Trail

This is a true story which happened to one of my relatives recently, during the recent Hungry Ghost Festival/month.

F (not her real name), was a young twenty-something girl who loved partying and hanging out with her friends on weekends.
Despite that fact that the Hungry Ghost Festival had made its entrance and marked its commencement, she took it in her stride and continued to live her life normally.

She went for a night of relaxing and partying with her friends on a weekend, as usual, letting her hair down and putting on a classic black attire.

She got home in the wee hours of the morning; sometime around 2-3am and started getting ready for bed.
She was removing her contact lens and make up in her room when she saw a figure walk past her door.

She thought it must be her younger brother's friend who sometimes stayed over although she was quite surprised that he was also awake at this hour.
Since she could not see clearly without her spectacles, she put them on out of curiosity to see the person who was in the house.

It was to her shock that she realized that the person was an apparition of a man.
(F had the third eye and the sixth sense to be able to see and sense the spirits).

She decided to ignore and went to bed, feeling rather scared at that time that a spirit must have followed her home or something.

She related the tale to her mum and aunts the next few days and she was warned not to go out too late at night anymore.
Apparently, she may have attracted a spirit which may have trailed her home; furthermore it was during those inauspicious hours of the night (or rather, morning).

Another interesting point was, according to grandma was that she was wearing black.
Black or dark colors are also, apparently a taboo and a no-no during this month as it was deemed to be conducive to the Yin environment during the Hungry Ghost month.

However, I was curious as to how did the spirit managed to enter her apartment which had two altars facing the main door.
One was a century old big altar which housed a variety of deities; ranging from Goddess of Mercy, Nazha, Guan Gong, etc and the other small altar at the side, slightly elevated above the arch heading to kitchen was a specially invited Thai deity.

Explanation from grandma?
The deities were not there in their form full time, OR, the deities may have mistaken the spirit as a friend F brought home with her.
Either way, I don't think there was a full and logical explanation for this.

For you partygoers out there, please be reminded that even during normal months, partying until the late hours (especially if you are girl) is not really encouraged, what more during this Hungry Ghost month.

Just be careful, and try to wear more light-colored clothing and make sure you pray to God to strengthen your faith.

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