Monday, September 06, 2010

Hungry Ghost Festival Stories: A Possession

This is another true story which happened to my grandma when she was in her twenties.
It was a very old story, and a very frightening one, not to mention.

It took place during the Hungry Ghost month as well and at that time, her mother (my great grandmother) had just passed away.
She was the one among the siblings to bring/escort her mother's corpse home from the hospital morgue (General Hospital).

It was slightly after dusk at that time, and somehow, the hospital arranged for the corpse to be taken out through the back door of the hospital.
Grandma was performing the custom ritual during the transportation of her late mother's corpse; which was to pray and recite for her mother's name and calling for her to go home.

(It is a tradition among the Taoists to perform this simple ritual of repeatedly reciting your family/loved one's name when they have just passed away outside of home and to call for them to return to the home. This is ensure that the spirit returns home and not end up wandering or lost in the location where they passed away, and not creating hauntings in places they died)

While Grandma was in the back valley and arranging for the corpse to go home, she heard someone call her name softly, "Ah Lui"

(Ah Lui was a Chinese(Cantonese) denotation for daughter, and it was something which my great grandmother used to call my grandmother when she was alive)

Without second thought, grandma automatically turned towards the back to see who it was, calling her.
There was no one there at all.

Anyway, grandma was not too fond of the process and hence she was relieved when she got home.

That night, she was cleaning up in the kitchen and the kitchen door (refer to my previous story: Dead Man Feasting, same scene for this story) was slightly ajar.

Grandma told my mum to go close the door, and mum was about to do it.

All of a sudden, it was as if Grandma lost her mind as she started screaming and kept rushing to the back door.
Mum and the rest of her siblings were really scared out of their mind as they watched their mother's uncontrollable behavior from the room (an old attic room type in the hall where there is a window)

Great grandfather or someone kept holding her back while she kept rushing towards the back door which led to a pitch black dark alley!

She was not herself and she had mighty strength!

Grandfather, the calm and stern man, reached for the broom and I think someone called for a Taoist priest as well.

It was a very frightening scene for the children at that time, and somehow, she finally fainted after the prayers and the broom which hit her.

When she regained consciousness, she was unable to recall anything which had happened earlier.

It seemed that there was an evil spirit which followed grandma in the back alley when she was escorting great grandmother home, but the spirit was unable to approach her.

That was why the spirit masqueraded the voice and called her in the fond manner her mother used to call her to get her attention.
According to grandma, human beings have these three huge lights (strong Yang aura and guarding lights unseen to us) located on the top of our head and on both sides of the shoulder.
It was also the main reason why we are often told not to look back or answer when someone called our names especially at night or in the forests.

When grandma turned to look at the source of the voice calling her that night, she inadvertently turned off the light on one of the shoulder with that movement.

With one light reduced, the spirit may find it easier to invade or to harm us.
It was then that the spirit invaded her soul and tried to get her out in the dark; probably to kill her and take over her body/soul.

Thank God that Grandma was safe that night, praises to the God almighty who watches over his people and condemn all evil.

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