Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Prelude post

Human beings are a curious lot; everything fascinates them - from the living to the dead and no matter if they are told to keep out from any danger, there is still someone who would take the challenge to brave it through, to prove their chances of survival in even the toughest of situations. Perhaps it is also to prove their own beliefs or to just negate a hypothesis; a quest to show that everything is possible and can be done by anyone?

This is probably a question that only the curious individual could answer. I have mentioned many times on my blog that I am no ghost hunter nor am I an expert or specialist in the paranormal investigations. I am only a writer, who writes and shares stories and experiences as shared with me, or if I have read anything to just share for reading interests. I do not go on expeditions to uncover all these truths; and the most I will do is the reading and research to ensure that I get my facts right especially when it deals with an actual incident. I do not encourage any hunting activities of such sort, as I always believed that some things are better left unknown and it is never a good idea to mess with the supernatural/unknown with all due respect. It can be interesting to read or indulge in a little of horror stories once in a while, and I know of many who are such fans. There is nothing wrong with that; but to the extent of messing and challenging the supernatural, I am sorry but I take my stand on that. Please do be mindful of that and be careful as well.

Anyway, a recent conversation led me to think of a few articles to write on and were just the right type of posts for me to kick start my deserted blog and it must be a pleasant surprise that this was one of the first few blogs to be updated. In fact, more good news is that there are more than just a couple of posts I have planned for this blog and in fact, I was just typing up a whole post for this blog to be published but unfortunately, there was a power failure at the time of writing and then I saved it in a different computer. Oh well, the series of unfortunate incidents continute. I promise the article would be published by this weekend, but I am currently in the midst of preparing a few more in its place to keep the ball rolling...

It is an exciting return and I am looking forward to writing...(am in the middle of the writing already anyway).... I bet most are wondering what am I preparing for? The hint lies in all the questions I have asked and explored above; and it is not that hard to guess as most of you are looking forward to stories and uncovering all the world's mysteries. To feed that curiosity and also to share on some of the interesting stories/rumors I have heard, I will be working on some reading and research to find more stories to share on these theories. Yes, I am not revealing at this point as the articles are on their way to be published soon anyway *smiles*
Stay tune...

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