Monday, March 26, 2012

A Flying Coffin?

I am not sure how many have heard of this, but this was probably one of the unexplained mysteries which took place in the year 2002, in Malaysia!

Yes, a decade ago, but I could still remember the news buzz back then although I was busy with my books studying for my tests or doing my assignments.

It came back to surprise me when I was just reading some articles on the Internet and came across the title of the mystery of the flying coffin caught on the surveillance camera in the local Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Sabah.
The image was captured on the surveillance camera which was mounted on top of the airport; and resembled that of a 'coffin'. The coffin seemed like it was flying across the sky; thus earning its nickname 'The Flying Coffin'.

Although not widely reported by the daily news or the media, a few of the local airport officials bore witnesses to the sighting of the flying coffin; and the image captured on the surveillance camera screen. The officials monitoring the screen were surprised by the sudden appearance of the shape resembling a coffin on the screen; and even a security guard on duty in the area also mentioned that he saw the same thing.

The weird thing is that the object was not detected by the radar; except a MAS Fokker Aircraft which took off three minutes earlier. If it was truly a UFO or something like that, then it would have been picked up by the sensitive rays of the radar but surprisingly this was not.

There were many sources found in the discussions with some deducing the possibility of a mistaken image of something else; or probably a mind game, or illusion.
Then there is also an unrelated article about a bloodstained coffin found downstream in a village in Sabah, scaring the local Ibans (That was explained in the related articles link below).

However, I don't think the two sources are really connected because as explained in the story of the bloodstained coffin found downstream, it was really a case of irresponsibility by the undertaker in charge of the funeral for the deceased.
Furthermore, if the coffin found downstream was connected to the earlier flying coffin, then that means there must be a flying coffin in the first place.

However, since the first case remains unexplained, it was partially dismissed as a mistake or an illusion despite the impression of the image found on the surveillance camera.

I don't know how to make of this, but I have no explanation either. It could be a mistake, but to have so many officials from a respectable airport management board and also security personnel on duty bearing witnesses, I am not sure what to think.

Any thought?

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