Friday, March 16, 2012

A Legend of Mankind

We have heard of the version of how human beings were created, from the Bible; where man and woman were created in the image of God.
Have we ever wondered about other beliefs about how mankind were created?
I mean, not that I'm doubting my own beliefs but it is interesting to hear and read about the other perceptions people in other cultures have of how we, humans were first created.

I have previously posted on the creation of the Universe; by the legendary hero, Pan Gu. You can read that story here

Now, the story of the creation of mankind continues after that story; yes, it is like the sequel to the earlier story.

In this story, after Pan Gu created the universe in the earlier story, the Goddess Nuwa (or Nuwo) was passing by and admired the marvellous creation by the hero.
(Goddess Nuwa is believed to be the original ancestor of human being and also the one who separated Heaven from Earth).

Anyway, as Goddess Nuwa was passing by and enjoyed the works and also the living trees, water, birds and animals dwelling on land, water and in the skies, she was suddenly overcome by a feeling of emptiness. She wondered what it was that caused that emotion and while pondering on the matter, was nearing a pond nearby.

She looked into the pond and staring back at her was her own reflection; to which she looked and it was then that she realized that the universe lacked the presence of beings like herself; who could boost the population and add livelihood to the land where all the livings dwell.
As Nuwa thought of the matter, she tried to figure out how she could come up with these 'new' beings.

Turning to the clay on the ground, she then made them into mounds of shapes which formed the mouth, eyes, nose, ears and limbs. Man and woman was then made in her own image; to look like her physically.

What started as only two human beings soon developed into a crowd as Nuwa worked hard to create more and more beings to fill up the land. However, Nuwa too realized that despite her hard work, she had only two hands to work at creating these beings and she would need to think of new ways to create these beings in a more natural and faster manner. Thus, Nuwa used the rattan found in the nearby woods whereby she stirred the mud and then each patch of mud which lands, turns to become a human being.

One day, Nuwa spotted a few human beings lying at the foot of a hill and they had gray hair on their head and looked weak. They were lifeless and lay still; indicating that they were already dead. Nuwa was in despair, to see her works of creation diminishing through the aging process and also death.
Nuwa then worries whether she will be able to sustain the population of human beings she had created, with the beings dying once ripe of age which is part of the natural living process.
She knew then that she needs to find a way to ensure that there will be a natural continuity of life, and at the same time, the number of population increases and sustains while balancing that of the deaths.

Nuwa turned to observe the other living beings and how the birds and animals multiply in their numbers and decided to apply the same concept to man and woman. However, to ensure that there will not be any abnormality to the reproduction process, Nuwa also set the rules for mating; whereby only man and woman can mate and human beings are not to mate with animals or other beings. It was a rule drawn by Nuwa to maintain the normality of the continuation of mankind without crossing the boundaries.

This sets the edge of the human reproduction cycle and also that of the other living, which continues until this very day.

That is the version found in the Chinese mythology of how mankind was created; and thus the Goddess Nuwa is also known as the creator of human beings and also listed as the first ancestor of mankind.

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