Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Night I had Chills

This is the most recent experience I had; in fact, it was just last night when I got home after my busy day.
I was feeling a little cold in the room, and it was probably the A/C being turned on like usual and I even associated it with the slightly colder weather out there as the strong winds shook the leaves on the trees and the skies just turned dark so suddenly; indicating a drop in the temperature and a possibility of a heavy downpour or even a storm soon.

I kept feeling the chills even when the windows were closed and curtains drawn to cover the glare from the streetlights outside the house, and I even had the A/C turned off to save myself from the extreme chill I was already sensing. The chilly air seemed to come from the direction of the windows, although I was told that it was probably the fan circulating the air in the room from the ceiling where it was hanging.
I snuggled into my woolen blanket which felt warm and comfortable for my body and my toes; and I bet, even for my fingers where the nails are starting to turn into dark colors (and that only happens when I am very very cold, like in the office or in the frozen section of the supermarket).

It was then that I remembered those stories; the stories which I read earlier in the afternoon. I was reading stories about haunted houses, hostels, and places and there was this story about the haunted hut of a chalet narrated by the traveler who experienced it firsthand while on a stress-free vacation with her family at the foot of a renowned mountain in Malaysia. All of a sudden, her experience sprung to mind; from the trees shaking outside, and the strong wind and the balcony outside the room. It was then that I kept telling myself to dismiss the story; although unsuccessfully as I was feeling very uneasy and the cold just kept creeping in that I was almost feeling stone cold.

Well, I didn't experience anything weird as my eyes were just shutting themselves down though it was a great thing given the chilly situation but I did remember having this extremely weird dream (I will talk about it in a separate post) and woke up this morning feeling so puzzled.
It did not bother me, and I was still fine until later in the morning as I met up with my friend and she told me something so bizarre that I was still trying to come to terms with until now.
All the things seem to make sense now; yes, including the chilly experience last night; they are all explained now.

Curious about what she said?
A short sentence, but it is a strong suspicion which I slowly confirmed and now I can probably verify it...
The words, just seemed so distant that I even find it weird when I first heard it, but now they do, make total sense.

"You're having a fever"

Yes, that's it, I am definitely under the weather now..and I guess I will need a doctor, I can't decide which is better news though the latter and the evident truth since I am feeling extremely tired at the moment definitely beats anything scary, don't you think?

I had you there, didn't you? Admit it!

(The real and no-fuss article here; no pulling legs this time, really:)

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