Monday, December 11, 2006

African Fertility Statues

My first encounter with these statues was when I visited the Ripley's Believe it or not in Genting Highlands...
They are known as the fertility statues.

Funnily though, they started off not as fertility statues when they were were first brought into the Ripley's headquarters office in Orlando, Florida 1995. Flown in from Africa, these statues were merely for the sake of decoration in the office place.
However, most of the female workers who came in contact with these statues ended up being pregnant!~
These statues originate from a certain Baule tribe in the African Ivory Coast and costs approximately $1,000 each.
In the first year alone, 8 out of 20 staff became parents.

Even one staff who was on birth control pills, claimed to be pregnant and gave birth nine months later upon bumping into the statues.
Due to the fame of this statues, it has spurned interests among women across the world who faxed photocopies of their hands, clothings, items in body contact to the office to be rubbed on the statues to promote the fertility.
Amazing huh?

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