Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Haunted Apartments- is it GOOD?

This Japanese horror movie is now showing in cinemas but sad to say, I have not watched it yet.I guess I kinda cut down a lot on horror movies since I moved to my current residence; it's probably not such a bad thing as well since I am protecting my cardiovascular health as well...haha:)Anyway, I have always been skeptical of Japanese genre of horror movies as I find that they always tend to take after the blockbuster horror movie; The Ring and only dwells on the elements that they do not look into the main element of the story which is the story itself.To be horrifying, there should first be a good foundation and skeleton and yet at the same time, maintain the mystery in the story.I was planning to catch this story; if I can.....

The following is the sypnosis from the websites and newspapers:

The story centers on Aimi, a 17 year old young school girl who, after the death of her mother, moved into a new home in an apartment along with her distraught dad.She sensed something funny in the new place (pretty generic) and it was even obvious when the neighbours moved out all at the same time.
Actually, again, this story sounds pretty familiar - sort of those stories which always have that same style...but then again, there are really lots of spooky encounters with those other kind in places and though they may center on the same theme; apartments, houses, schools, hospitals, camps, etc....they each have their own individual story.
I don't know whether this is good or not; any of you who has watched it and wanna share with me what you think of this?

This is the main actress; Aimi ..hmmmm,let's see whether I managed to catch this and I can review the movie and my views....:)

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