Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seed of Darkness...Coming soon...

Whoooo.....yet another Asian horror movie....wonder why all of a sudden so many of them came?
Probably due to year end holidays?
Anyway, you will be proud to know that this is one local movie; our very own Malaysian production - brainchild and direction of our local talent. In fact, the whole cast also comprised of all our local fresh stars; featuring names such as the comedic Alvin Wong, Wong Sze Zen (Miss Malaysia/World 2003/2004), Amber Chia(not a strange name to commercials and modelling and also the spokesperson for Guess, Dutch Lady and Loreal) and also, surprise, Vick Teo ( the 2nd runner up for Malaysian Idol).
From the trailer, it looked pretty impressive and somehow dark and mysterious.
In fact, it even reminded me of the Pang Brothers' The Eye....intriguing trailer and the storyline was actually not too bad.....
It is about this lady Yan, who became a single mother by choice when she went through the in-vitro fertilization 7 years ago and gave birth to a girl, Ying Ying.
Seven years later, she moved to a new apartment and that was when her daughter started to behave strangely as she starts to talk to an imaginary figure. Initially the young mother invented a imaginary father to overcome the child's feeling of loneliness but her fears heighten when she noticed the daughter seemed too absorbed in the imaginary father whom she now claims was her biological father.
In the trailer, Yan tried to trace back to the donor of the sperm for her in-vitro process.
I read in another site that the child was experiencing ADC; After Death Communication....hmmmm, this sounds pretty familiar? Rings a bell.....White Noise.....haaha....
Anyway, the interesting part was that Amber Chia played a psychiatrist in this movie......and she wears specs....intellectual role...
Another thing that we should be proud of was that this movie; along with another Malay horror movie was selected by Columbia Tristar productions for distribution.....*claps hands*
I believe it was also already nominated for a couple of awards already ^^
These are the stills from the movie (taken from the official movie site;

Anyway, it will be released 3 days after Christmas; hope I will be able to catch this interesting movie....:)

Disclaimer: The pictures here were given due credit to the original site. Please kindly let me know if you want me to remove it.

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